My baby has just recovered from Pneumonia (2 weeks back) but since then she has no appetite for drinks and food and yesterday her poop was waterly and she did it 5 times during day time. What could be the problem? Please advice me on what to feed her to get appetite and to get the right weight for her age.


Sharlene - posted on 08/01/2012




How old is your daughter, Have you gone back to the specialist that perform the surgery and have you tried sustagen for kids that would give her the proteins while she hasn't got a appetite . and still try her with bites of food and fluids


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Tina - posted on 08/01/2012




depending on her age it's probably best to let her graze temporarily. Try dry biscuits just to get her appetite back. There's a possibility that if she's been in hospital that she picked up another bug. Just talk to your doctor about your concerns and ask about suggestions. Try pasta bolognaise or something. Just keep offering her food and fluids and see how she goes. Certainly think about offering her some type of formula to help her get nutrients. Maybe try some vitamins. Like vita chews I think they're called. Help her get some energy and pick her up a bit.

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