My baby has problems sleeping - advice welcome!

Lindsey - posted on 11/20/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son has reflux and since he was born has been on reflux meds. We seem to be at a point where the meds are settling his reflux but he has a terrible time getting to sleep day and night. When he shows signs of tiredness through the day i take him upstairs to his cot and the minute i put him in it he screams, ill calm him down give him his dummy and try again and he will scream again the minute i put him down. Ive tried to settle him in his cot and not pick him up but he will cry. He just cant seem to settle himself, he'll thrash around and eventually when he does fall asleep he will jerk and wake himself up after 20 mins and cry because hes woken up and tired. Ive tried lots of things, swaddling but he screams when hes swaddled and fights to get out of it, i close the curtains, try lullabies, give him a dummy etc... It gets to a point where he misses sleep and in a day may only sleep 2 hours, he gets really irritable and upset becasuse hes tired. The night isnt much better, he wakes every 2 hours and takes a while to resettle. He feeds well and is putting on weight but he just cant seem to sleep and settle. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated !! X


Constance - posted on 11/20/2012




My third son had severe reflux we elevated his matress so that he never laid flat always at an angle. Plus he always had a pacifier in his mouth to keep the acid at bay. Unfortunatly we had a lot of nights that he slept on our chests in the rocking chair.

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