my baby is 1mth and 2wks but he cries at night alot what can i do to sooth him cos v done evrything possible dat i knw


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Alison - posted on 05/13/2012




With my first child the only way we could calm her down was with the oven fan. we would just blast it and she would instantly stop. Now she sleeps with a sound machine and she always falls asleep to the sound of rain.

Louise - posted on 05/13/2012




With all three of my kids I put a radio in their bedrooms on very low on classical music all night. When they woke they were not hysterical because they were on their own. Babies are used to noise from inside your stomach and to be totally silent freaks them out. You can buy a white box which is just a sound system that sounds just like the mothers blood wooshing around like they are still inside. It does settle them quicker.

Also make sure the baby is not suffering from reflux as this is very painful, signs of this are normally spitting up milk (but not always) the baby raising its legs in pain, and uncontrolable crying. This is easily remedied with powdered medication dropped into the bottle.

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