my baby is 20month old ,but he is still underweight , plz suggest me some nice weight gainer recipe.


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Cecilia - posted on 01/28/2013




ok when you say "still underweight" has he always been this way? If so realize that people come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe he is just meant to be small. my daughter is 27 months and weighs only 28 pounds. She is only 33 inches tall. She is tiny. Most people assume she is only about one year old.

I am not worried. You might wonder why. When she was born she was at 50th percentile. By 6 months she was at 20 percentile. By one year she was 15. At 2 years she was 12 percentile. The reason i don't worry is because it is a gradual decline in percentages. She is healthy, just a peanut. She has 2 grandmothers who are just at or over 5 foot. There are short genes in her. She eats. she is healthy. Her size is just one thing about her, the same as her having blond hair.

If you are concerned about size why not ask your doctor their take on it? Ask them what foods you should be feeding. If i had any suggestion i guess it would be nuts (if they are good at chewing them, they can be a chocking hazard) They are high in fat but good for you.

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