My Baby is 3 days old is having formula and breastmilk too early at this point?

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We were unable to afford buying a breast pump and I'm not loosing patience, just concerned. I already experienced the 'cluster feeding' and I do switch breasts but last night I thought I wasn't producing enough. I use the nipple shield, it's better for me he stays on and doesn't keep coming off when without it. I'm one that has trouble getting my nipples to erect, sorry TMI and now with my breasts being so solid, I can't get my

nipples to erect at all. I read that feedings will be slower with the shields on, but not that slow, feedings still last 30-45 min long. Last night literally an hour, with him pausing in between of course and me almost falling alseep, nearly leaned off the bed but caught myself just in time. I told my parents the pump was the one thing we couldn't afford and my dad said, 'well you should be ok for a couple weeks right?' I can and I can't.

I don't like the idea how my baby's daddy can only help with just changing and I loose the most sleep by feeding when we could've been doing things fair by me having expressed milk in bottles ready so I can let myself heal up some. Until my parents get me the pump, I'm just afraid I'm putting me and my baby at risk especially with the cluster feedings when I'm so mentally drained and trying not to fall asleep while breastfeeding.

With my first born, he was already given formula once they saw I had trouble getting him to latch on and didn't say anything to me, til afterwards they gave me a nipple shield. But still, they immediately gave him formula, I remember seeing his dad bottle feed him.(I think because at the time I was an outpatient and had no job, therefore they were careless since I was just another pregnant teen) Eventually my first son was able to latch on with the nipple shield on but by the end of the week went strictly to formula since I figured my milk supply was no good (only got 2 Tablespoons with a manual pump).

Anyway I will bring this up to my baby's pediatrcian, if we still have an appointment with this Hurricane Sandy coming at us this week. :(


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First, your baby will be OK with breastmilk or formula. Some babies have one, some the other, some both. That said, breastmilk is really good for your baby and gives him immunities that formula doesn't, especially in the first few weeks and months. If you were willing to try breastfeeding, why stop so soon? First, I wouldn't be worried that you're not producing enough, unless your baby seems completely miserable. Many women's milk hasn't even come in after 3 days and so baby is getting nothing but a small amount of colostrum, and that's OK.

Second, you know your husband better than I do, but I can tell you that my husband would rarely get up during the night to do feedings for me, even with a bottle and pumped milk. It's unfortunate, and it's true that you need rest, but it's just the way things are for most women. Breast milk is also a lot more convenient at night because no one has to warm anything up or mix up formula. Even if your husband would be willing to help out a lot at night, I'd try to wait it out until you can get the pump. Try to sleep during the day when the baby sleeps, or give the baby to his dad or another willing adult right after feeding him and you go rest. Congrats on your new baby, and good luck!

ETA: When you do get a pump, be aware that what you can pump, especially at first, is probably A LOT less than what baby is getting when he feeds - he's much more efficient. So don't be discouraged about your milk production unless your son's pediatrician says he should be gaining more weight. And it's not at all abnormal for babies to nurse for 30 minutes or an hour, and then be ready to eat in another hour, when they are this small. If you are having trouble staying awake, either get up and into a chair (if that would keep you more alert) or set yourself up in bed so that you are sure he can't fall out if you both fall asleep.

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