My baby is 3 weeks old & constipated ! HELP !

Heather - posted on 05/05/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My baby boy is 3 weeks old . I am breastfeeding & for the last week he was acting so hungry I thought i wasnt producing enough milk so i gave him some similac advanced . i took him off yesterday cause I read that Im probably making enough & that he probably doesnt know hes full . Anyways now he is constipated . He messed a diaper last night & was so full he blew it up his back side , but since he hasnt pooped once . He is struggling & trying so bad but cant go . Ive tried the "bicycle" technique & rubbing his back . What else can I do ?


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Sarah - posted on 12/17/2017




old post but NO NO NO you do not give non FDA approved teas to infants. Also, breastfeeding infants do not get constipated! They may strain and bear down but unless their stool is hard AND difficult to pass; they are not constipated! Do not fool around with the diet of a breastfeeding 3 weeks old!

Bethel - posted on 12/17/2017




Put an ounce of Babies magic tea into 8 oz of formula/expressed milk for two feedings if he is drinking that much at a time. My children's pediatrician advised us to use this with two of my children who got really constipated as babies. It worked well, quickly and without side effects. You can use this up to twice a day to get things moving then once a day to keep things regular.

Amy - posted on 05/05/2012




Breastfed babies can go 10-14 days without pooping, but when they do you can expect the mess you got. Unless the stools were hard and pellot like your son is not constipated. Also my daughter would cluster feed at night so it would seem like she was non stop eating, but that's how they get your body to produce more.

I used to supplement one bottle a day but that's because I was going to be returning to work. Just remember that everytime you supplement with a bottle your body isn't going to produce for that feeding if you continually supplement. I know it can be difficult when breastfeeding to know your baby is getting enough but if your baby is gaining weight and you have 6 wet diapers a day you are doing well!

Sarah - posted on 05/05/2012




It's hard with breastfeeding because you can't see the amount that goes in. Babies will go through a growth spurt around 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, etc. where they will want to nurse more. They're doing this to increase your milk supply to meet their increasing caloric demands. The key is to just keep nursing. As far as the poops, just keep nursing him. He could also be gassy, so frequent burping through the feeds. You can try the I Love you stroke too. Lay him on his back, then massage (gently) his tummy. I (up his right side), Love (Up his right side again, then across his abdomen below his belly button from his right to the left), U (Up his right side, across his abdomen from right to left, then down his left side). Basically you want to follow the position of his large intestine. You would do this over and over again for maybe 3-4 minutes. I also found with my daughter when she had trouble that the bicycle didn't work for her. What did was to bring both knees up to her tummy (knees bent) then use her knees to massage her tummy in a clockwise motion. This helped to expel gas better than anything else I tried with her (and some poops a few times). It is normal for breastfed infants to space out their BMs eventually as breastmilk can be almost completely digested, but it often doesn't happen until 6 weeks or so. The iron in the formula could cause constipation, so I'd just keep working on these different techniques. Also a warm bath may help too.

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