My baby is 4 months old. her dad has made no effort with her i have not denied any contact he has blocked my number and will not respond. Now he has the balls to ask me to go to mediation. He is back with his ex and she is a spiteful person who keyed my car etc when we were together. He is mentally unstable, emotionally abusive and abuses marijuana. I do not trust my daughter to be in their care, i fear that his partner will take it out on my daughter because in her eyes she is the result of an affair (not true) she is only making him do this out of spite just a haha i got him back and now i get your daughter (i left him ages ago and begged him to go back to her, so that is not the issue) I have spoken to legal aid and they say that if you have no evidence pretty much nothing you can do about it. How am i suppose to protect my daughter? I am wanting her to have a relationship with her dad but supervised visits with him ONLY. Any advice and if this goes to court? I have never been so stressed at the thought of her out of my sight in danger.


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Raye - posted on 05/08/2015




If you work things out "in mediation", make sure it goes on to being a court order. Some states recognize mediation as a personal agreement only, and you would not be able to have police help should the father change the situation. Take it all the way to court.

Ev - posted on 05/08/2015




I have to agree with Jodi on this. Legal aid is correct and any lawyer will tell you the same thing but you can check that out yourself. Basically, he has as much right to the child as you do right now. And depending on laws where you live, if you let him have her to take for a visit, he does not have to giver her back--once again based on laws where you live. You also have to prove both him and his GF to be unfit or a danger to the child in some way to get supervised visits. He can also ask for custody too at this point. Once in court it is the decision of the judge what happens at that point. Just be assured though, his GF has no legal say in this matter or other matters that concern the child involved. She will voice her opinion but its between you and dad. And a lot of the time if the abuse is done to you by the father of the child, that has no bearing on what happens with the child and visitation or custody.

Jodi - posted on 05/08/2015




Legal aid are right. Unless you have evidence, you can't prove he is a danger to his child, and he will most likely get visitation and won't necessarily need it to be supervised. By all means, you can push for supervised, but he isn't likely to agree to that, so the decision will be made in court, unless the two of you can come to an agreement in mediation.

What is he asking for? Do you know?

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