My baby is 4 weeks old and since birth she poops in 95% of her diapers.

Vanessa - posted on 12/04/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




She fusses a lot when she pass wind. I think she has gas should I worried. She would wake up mourning and passing gas. I only breast feed and I try not to eat or drink anything that would give her gas or colic, so why is she still having these problems should I give her formula instead


Katherine - posted on 12/04/2013




Don't switch to formula yet - it is more likely to irritated your baby's stomach than your breastmilk is. I remember my son being very gassy around this age. I think it's normal for babies to be a little extra gassy as their digestive systems really get going. Remember that her little body is still getting the hang of digesting milk and processing it through. Try gas drops (they worked wonders for us) along with cycling her legs and helping her work the gas out.

As for her pooping a lot, this is totally normal for breastfed babies; it's common for breastmilk infants to poop after each feeding. It will get better as she gets older and the fussiness should pass soon. Keep your diet bland like you said you are. I think it lasted a week or two for my son and then got better. Of course, if she is screaming her lungs out after every feeding, there might be a bigger issue to talk to your doctor about. But mild fussing and gas is normal at this age.

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