my baby is 5 months her weight is 5.40 kg.wat to do


User - posted on 07/26/2013




All you can do really is making sure she is getting fed enough, if you are doing that, and she doesnt start gaining weight and your are still concerned contact the doctor. They can help guide you better on steps to help her gain weight.
I cant remember how much mine weighed at that age, but I do know he was a little guy and still is. Just consult the dr, if they dont seemed concerned, dont worry, kids are all different sizes, Ive seen little girls who are 18 months and the size of a 10 month old, and they are heathly. On the charts they say mine is under weight, but he's healthy and the dr says hes fine, I worried about my sons weight for a while cuz I was looking at the charts and comparing him to others his age, but realized soon enough that he is his own and hes different from anyone else, that numbers arnt always the main concern


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Phuthela - posted on 07/26/2013




Are you exclusively breastfeeding/formula feeding? Have you taken your child to a medical practitioner for an assessment?

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