My baby is 7months old.He started solids at 6months& i have been giving him baby ceareal once every morning+ formula.Wanted to find out when i can introduce the second meal,when he can stat eating from the family pot&what other foods are given to 7 months old babies.


Shannon - posted on 11/22/2013




I started mine on oatmeal at 4 months and breakfast only. Then I moved to lunch as well about a month later. By 6 months she was eating three meals, messily, but eating some. Now she is 8.5 months and eats finely chopped foods that dad and I eat too.Because she is a little slob and half the food still gets on the floor, in between bites I feed her pureed foods so she will get the calories and nourishment. So, once you an establish that yours is swallowing well, introduce away. Mine LOVES fish and scrambled eggs. I found some non GMO tofu and she gobbles that up too. I bake sweet potatoes and put those on her tray as well as softer vegetables. Most of her vegetables come form purees though since some can be stringy and difficult (like spinach) I steam a lot of broccoli and carrots for her and she can handle those chopped finely. Have fun!!

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