my baby is constipated can i add Lax A Day to his milk

Shawna - posted on 02/02/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 9 month old baby boy who is constipated, and he was given Lax A Day, could i mix it into his formula? he will not take it with his water or juice


Angie - posted on 02/03/2013




My advice to you from having a baby that always had gas and constipation, and believe I was amazed at the size of his problem when it came out! Always wondered, Where the Heck did all that stay at in that little body......Many nights I would lay a warm/hot water bottle on my tummy while laying his tummy flat on it for a period of time while comforting with massaging, this always helped during the screaming moments of air popping around like popcorn. It always worked.
The other thing that worked was to move his legs back and forth pressing towards the tummy that would be hard at times. Kinda like working their legs like a bicycle, pressing gentle the knee against the tummy before releasing. Also placing on tummy and fixing the knee in a kneeling positions for a few seconds and then release. Also on their side bending knees up towards tummy. You can massage the tummy in a downward stroke in an attempt to help move the bowels or to break up what ever is there. There are all kinds of movements that will help relieve the area and it will release in no time.
I had to deal with this a lot for my poor little boy, the warm water bottle help the intestines contract and the bending in different ways can move that one stubborn piece causing pain. The only down fall about adding laxatives to help is that the body will begin to rely on that kind of solution and I believe it is much better to help the body release naturally, if possible. Of course if there is a lack of bowel movements that is a different issue and would call your nurse at the doctors office, they can recommend natural oil to help, like mineral oil and many other. I had to find clever ways to add apple juice to his milk, or his water to help minimize his suffering and issues. Apple juice is a great remedy for slow bowels. Not to get to personal but he would have small round waste that piled on top of one another, and was very colorful, not to mention interesting when this log half his size would make it out. The apple sauce with mashed strawberries in it, or jellies for different flavors once a day and hidden apple juice in his favorite drinks did help our situations.
I hope this may help, it worked for me. Every child is different but if you try any of the movements to help intestines, the heat to get them contracting or the sneaking apple sauce give me a holler back and let me know how your fellow is doing! Good Luck, one step at a time, you have all you need to get it all right! Angie Jewell


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