my baby is fussy i dont know what to do i tried feeding, changing his diaper, im out of ideas


Denikka - posted on 12/01/2012




Sometimes babies are just fussy. Sometimes for no reason. Sometimes for a reason we can't understand or see. It could be anything from too warm, too cool, slightly hungry, over ate, gas, itchy, growth spurt, can't get comfortable, lonely, wants cuddles, wants a blanket, doesn't want a blanket or a million other things that may or may not be *wrong*.

Heck. I can remember there were times with both of my kids (now 3.5 yrs and almost 2 yrs), at various ages, where all of a sudden they'd wake up from a dead sleep screaming. Or all of a sudden, when they were awake, they'd freak out. No reason I could see or find out. I finally came to the conclusion that at those times. . .I was just BREATHING wrong. Or something. . .

Babies are funny little creatures. They're completely strange and we have no idea how they think. I've just basically come to the understanding that when it comes to figuring out what's wrong, it's really just hit or miss. If it's something that you can see (dirty diaper, sweating cause they're too hot, etc) fix that. If that's not it, go through the general list (feeding, comfort/rocking, burping, etc) if that doesn't work. . .just keep trying whatever you can think of until something works :P and there's NO guarantee that the same thing will work next time, or even 5 minutes from now :P


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