My baby is too heavy, is he normal?

Kerry - posted on 11/15/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




So, this is my first post here, really just want to hear I'm not the only one suffering!! Lol, i had my first child at 22 in june this year, by C-section because he physically couldn't get out of me lol.. He was 10lbs 2oz & I'm only 5ft.!! I tried to BF but i got "scabs" on my nipples he was soooo hungry, so i switched to formula. Everyone said the weight would drop off quickly but he just git bigger, by 12 weeks he was 20lbs and at 5 months he is in 12month clothes and has 3 meals a day including a 7oz bottle every 4-5hrs.. Problem is.. He's way too heavy for me, i struggle to pick him up and my back is in AGONY as we co sleep :( which i am not a fan of but its the only way i salvage a few hours sleep as he constantly stirs and cries through the night for food. He's so fussy and wants to be held all day.. I really wouldn't mind but I'm finding it physically impossible.. Any suggestions?? Thanks :) (new mum, Kerry xx)


Lola - posted on 11/15/2012




I'm sure he is normal.if he doesn't have any other medical conditions if your really worried about his weight go get him checked out by your doctor if they give you the all clear I'm sure he is fine.And if it hurts your back too much try to sit on the floor and play with him and sooth him that way.dont pick him up as much and teach him to self sooth a bit.Best of luck take care :)

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