My baby's father is trying to come back, what do I do?

Trina - posted on 01/29/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




I found out my son's father was married when I was pregnant. After leaving my job in a new province to come back to my home town, I found out our entire relationship was based on many lies. I kicked him out when my son was 3 months because I was angry, hurt and felt betrayed. He has came back 3 times since then and all we did was fight because he started seeing another woman. I found out she was pregnant when my son was 5 months old. He told me to stop texting her because he didn't want her to lose the baby. Since the new year I have only spoke to him about my son but now he says she is not me and wants us to work. He doesn't know how to tell her he says and that he wants her to keep it even if he comes back. I am so torn. I know the answer is obvious to most but I don't know what to do. He says he loves me (which is questionable after all he has done) but I feel obligated to try for my son. I need words of wisdom.


Michelle - posted on 01/29/2016




I agree with the other ladies. You have tried to be together and it hasn't worked, why will it work now? He's a cheater and they will say anything to get someone back.
Only communicate with him about your child and do NOT contact any of his other women.
Get yourself a lawyer and establish custody, visitation and child support for your child and move on.

My ex husband was a cheater so I have been there. I almost took him back but I'm glad I didn't. Yes, it's hard being a single Mother but it can be done. Most of us here have been a single Mother at some time but we have made it through. Be strong for your child.

Jodi - posted on 01/29/2016




Oh for heavens sake. Both of you need to grow up. He's CLEARLY a cheater. I mean, he cheated on his wife with you. He cheated on you with this other woman. Your relationship is crap, if there is one there at all. How on EARTH can you possibly think this relationship would be a good example for your child? Being together with the father of your child for the sake of your child is never going to work. He can have a relationship with your son without having to be in a relationship with you too.

With regard to the texting the other woman, stop. That's harassment and is against the law.

Sorry if my words are harsh, but you need a wake up call. And you need that wake up call in the best interests of your child.


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Raye - posted on 01/29/2016




He's proven he can't be in a mature relationship. So, only communicate with him about his child. Do not communicate with his other baby-mama, or ex wife, or anyone else he's involved with. Talk to him, and only about the child. Let him know that there will NOT be a romantic relationship between you, so he can just stop that nonsense right now.

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