my baby twin 18 month old hit his head strongly when he is upset fron his brother mark, wht should i do to stop him hearting himself?


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Rana - posted on 04/15/2012




Tx Chrystal i'll try ur way and we'll see i fell it's a kind of getting attention but it's really frustrating to see him doing this especially when u have twins the jealousy matter is so crucial

tx anyway

Chrystal - posted on 04/15/2012




It's a pretty common thing for kids to do this especially boys. It's better to ignore the behavior if they don't get attention for it they will grow out of it sooner. If they bang their head to hard they will knock it off they aren't aiming to injure themselves even though it looks like that to us parents. You can move him to a place that doesn't have anything hard around him or put him in his crib if you are really worried he's going to hurt himself. If he keeps it up or is really injuring himself it's important to take him to a doctor because it can sometimes be a sign of other things.

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