My baby wants grandma more than mommy or daddy!

Sara - posted on 07/20/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello, me and my husband just got married and we are just about to move out we are both 22, but ever since we had our daughter who is just about to turn 4 she only wants grandma, grandma this grandma that and wheres grandma at? whats grandma doing? I want grandma not you! and when we are around in the same room its like we are invisible to her. My MIL is a big pain in the butt because she just LOVES it! and i have no problem with her loving grandma that woman just rubs it in, like says to us "you should be ashamed kayla doesn't want to be with you!" when she was mad/upset on day. But it just hurts when she doesn't want to have anything to do with us at all! like i turn my back for a second and she's running into grandmas room to go "cuddle" with grandma and Im left to be watching this disney movie all alone. And when grandma comes out of her room kayla is sitting and playing with her not us (like she could care less) and even when she has a scrape or hurt herself the first person she runs to for comfort is grandma. I just feel like we need to start all over again and have a baby who will actually care and love us! Seriously! Or can't this just change to daddy! daddy ! That would be nice!


~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/20/2012




It sounds like grandma has been the main caretaker. Even if it is not true, that will change once you move out. Do not limit your childs access to grandma when you move out, that will just hurt your child.


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Brittany - posted on 10/15/2014




I feel the same exact way! I'm a new parent as well and my son is about to be 1 years old! We live with my boyfriend and his parents:/ its great, I won't lie, however when it comes time for me to take my son back from fun time with his grandparents, he screams bloody murder! At first I felt so sad and confused like I was doing something wrong, but I came to conclusion that my baby just wants to have fun and go, go, go. And when it comes to mommy time he thinks bedtime, nap, baby food, rules, etc. I'm the only one who enforces rules and I use a very firm voice as well because I know babies are smart and they know who they can pull one over on! It pays off for me because he respects me, he bites everyone when he's mad , except me. He knows not to pull my hair too hard. So I feel for all new moms. Just hang in there and know you're baby loves you, they just don't like rules and regulations Lol!!! So keep your head up mommies!!!

Amy - posted on 07/20/2012




My parents live 4 hours away and when they arrive to visit my husband are chop liver. We can do nothing for the kids!!!! Whatever they want they go to grammie and papa, we can't help with bedtime, we don't get to play with them unless my parents are playing too, if they get hurt they go running to them. I think the biggest thing is grandparents get to be the "fun" ones ALL the time. They don't have to follow bedtimes and rules, and food restrictions, they get to do what they want because ultimately the kids aren't theirs. When you move out it will be better because you'll have your own space and your daughter will be forced to come to you, but I agree with Little Miss do not deny her seeing her grandma! It's a special relationship and you don't want to damage it.

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