My baby when she eats sometimes she tosses her head back an forth

Molly - posted on 12/04/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I dont know what to think like it's gas maybe but she seems uncomfortable but she wants the bottle. It gets annoying an I just want to know if any one elses baby does this an why u think they do it


Laura - posted on 12/05/2010




What are you feeding her when she does this? Is it all the time or just occassionally? Try paying attention to WHAT you are feeding her when she engages in this behavior. My daughter would do this on occassion but only with foods she didn't like! Your daughter's behavior sounds similar so it may be an avoidence behavior--she's trying to avoid eating whatever is on the spoon! Keep track of the foods that bring on this reaction and don't use them for a while. Stick with foods that you know she likes. It can seem like a boring diet to parents, but stick with it for a few days, it won't hurt her. Then try adding ONE of the objectionable foods back and see what her reaction is. She may take it or she may still try and avoid it but at least you have narrowed the list down. You can use this time to introduce new foods, too, but do it one at a time.

Along with the head-tossing to avoid eating certain things, it's easy to start worrying about the quantity that your baby is then eating. Don't worry over that! Kids are much better than adults at eating just what they need and no more! As long as you are providing healthy options for your daughter to eat, she will take in enough calories. Kids also go through growth spurts and slow-downs which can affect their appetite, so again, don't worry if she doesn't eat as much once in a while.

Finally, teething can also have an effect on little appetites. If your daughter is cutting teeth, her gums could be sore, making it painful to chew. This could also be a reason why she is avoiding food. Orajel and infant pain reliever can help with this. Try treating her about 30 minutes before a meal and see if her eating behavior improves. If you continue to have any concerns about her diet and eating, contact your doctor or pediatrician--they may be able to prescribe different medication or suggest different foods to try. Hope this helps and good luck!

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