My babys teething! Nappy rash?

Shelby - posted on 01/08/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




Has anyone had the same troubles..? My baby has just starting teething, shes just turned 15 months, shes a bit late but they are breaking the skin now and shes got nappy rash pretty bad... I have tried the caster cream in the grey tub aswell as bepanthem and they seem to be ok but not clearing it up within a couple of days like i was hoping.. Does anyone have any suggestions or have done something that has worked with your child? Frustrating because nothing seems to be working really well for her.. its bothering her too!! thanks in advance for any comments!!


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Britny - posted on 01/08/2011




The rash is common; what happens is the saliva becomes very acidic in order to soften the gums and aid the tooth in coming through, but when they swallow and digest that acid (especially at night) it comes out in their urine or stools. When it sits on their skin it becomes corrosive and irritates the skin pretty harshly sometimes. What my pediatrician told me was to always use a barrier cream (I use Bordeaux Butt Paste, and it works like magic), and give she as much water as she'll take in order to dilute the acidity. Also, if it seems to still be irritated, let her sit in a tepid bath, it'll help soothe the rash and wash away the acid.

Louise - posted on 01/08/2011




Try Sudocrem it is brilliant stuff and works right away taking the redness out and reducing the pain. You can buy this over the counter or in supermarkets. In England it is given out free to every new mum in a bounty pack. We have used it for years as it is also good for burns, sun burn, spots and rashes. Great stuff. Also try and give her nappy free time which I know is difficult at this time of year. Getting air to her but will also help it to clear up quicker.

Amy - posted on 01/08/2011




My kids only got rashes when teething. I gave them Camilia - it's a homeopathic teething remedy that helps tummy [which somehow makes more acids or something when teething that contributes to rashes], fever, swelling and pain. only thing that cleared mine's was airing their bums or cotton cloth diapers. It seemed to clear it up within a day or so. Creams didn't work for us and just made a mess. I have heard my sister say there is a healing spray from California Baby that helps soothe and heal and she left her baby's bum air dry after spraying it and said it worked wonders.

Lissa - posted on 01/08/2011




Nappy rash does come with the teething for a lot of babies. Just keep it clean and dry as best you can, spend as much time as possible with no nappy on. I used sudocrem with all mine and it cleared it up very quickly. If it continues more than a few days I would take her to the doctors in case it's thrush as opposed to nappy rash.

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