My BD said he wants to come back but needs time.

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Hi I am currently 9 weeks. My BD broke up with me then started dating this girl. When I told him I was pregnant he was furious and he wanted to abort the baby. I told him no and I told alot of harsh words and leave us alone if he is not going to man up. Few days later he told me he wants to support the baby even though we are not together. I told him I do not want to give my child a broken family, if he wants to be with his current gf he may leave but if he choose me and the baby then I need someone who is reliable. I told him to just be straight up with me he said he needs time to fix things with his family. After a few days of planning and arguements I had enough I told him that his reason is pure bullshit I told him I do not want to fix anything and thats theres no point to get back together just for the baby if he diesnt love me. I asked him if he does love me and the baby. He then messaged me he loves the baby and he wants to take away the baby from me and my family. I told him to fuck off I also messaged his mom that they do not have any rights for the child after every pain and humiliation that his son caused me and my family. He was loved and trusted by my parents but he was a cheater and verbally abusive. So when he broke up withnme I told my parents everything and now he blames me why he cant come back to me. I told him its all bs i told him to fuck off and they will never know or meet the baby. I block him on fb and we havent spoken for a week then he message me again with the same song and dance. This time he said to give him time because the problem I caused to his family(in d course of our relationship he told his family every arguements we have) was not easy to fix and the relationship he entered was not easy to get out that he is looking for the best time for him and his gf to talk. I messaged him that I do not want him back and he will never be welcomed again. Was it a good move? I want my baby to have a complete family but it scarese he would take away my baby from me.


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