my best friend is 15 his mom treats him bad i have to wash his cloths she wont even by him food with her food stamps she makes him sleep on a cot in the dinning room in a two bedroom trailor why his sister and brother both have a room his mother has a warrent for her in ky he wants to be adopted so he has tried to call and turn her in i want to know what will happen to him if she has to go to jail there he does not want to leave tn he wants to stay here but he is tired of all the mental abuse


Jodi - posted on 12/09/2012




He is 15, he would have to go into a foster home. If he doesn't report it, as a friend, you should. And if they won't take you seriously, you both need to sit down and have a talk to your parents about the situation. No child should have to live like this. Have you seen all of this with your own eyes?

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