my better half always overrides my decisions i make for my stepson


~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/07/2013




Um...yeah....that would be considered statutory rape if they are having sex....and they probably are. Does the father understand the gravity of that? He would be forever a sex would trail him wherever he goes. Never being able to coach his own kids little league teams, or boy scouts, or whatever. He could lose jobs over it, and his life would SUCK! This is a very VERY serious situation, and the boy needs to NOT have a 15 year old girlfriend. What is he and your husband fucking nuts? Kick that girl OUT of the house like NOW! I don't care what ANYONE says, there is no votes on this one. You need to sit down as a family and talk about this.


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Leesa - posted on 07/08/2013




I feel your pain, my husband does the same thing
With my 15 year old sd she wraps him around her
Finger and sheds a few tears to get what she wants
Even after I have said no, she lives with us so
It's both mine and her dads decisions but I'm
Always wrong when it comes to her sorry cant be much
Help in the same position myself

Tiana Lacree - posted on 07/07/2013




Not only will the husband get in trouble for condoning it but so will you... Because it your house as well.... Tell your husband get it together or take some time apart .... never miss the water until the wail runs dry.....

Michelle - posted on 07/07/2013




Well now that you have told us more I agree with Little Miss. You can't condone him having an underage GF at all. You need to get your husband to understand the ramifications and put a stop to it. Does her family know what's going on?

Erica - posted on 07/07/2013




I ask him not to take the PlayStation in his room because the 12 year old and 7 year old play it when he is not home. He is my 19 year old stepson. Also he brought another cat home and I have asked him numerous time to find a home for it, and they have decided against me again. That makes four cats now. I asked him not to bring his 15 year old under age girlfriend in the house and they went against me on that. They are in his roomright now.

Michelle - posted on 07/06/2013




Then let him do the disciplining. Tell him that you won't do anything until he gets home.

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