My boy is 2 1/2 ... and nothing sticks with him..

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My baby boy bounces from one thing to another... he has autism and adhd and not doctor will give him something to relax him... does anyone have any ideas...


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He does not sit for therapy. . Most 2-3 yr ols will like a blanket or certain toy.. he. Does not... he said da da at 6 mo old. And has not said a word since. He is nonverbal

Ev - posted on 03/17/2015




Has he had an evaluation to determine that he does have Autism? Also, ADHD is not usually diagnosed until they get into school ages.

It is normal for a 2 year old child to bounce from one thing to another as they do not have the attention span of an older child. It is in their nature to be curious and to do a lot of different things off and on all day.

What exactly makes you think he is having issues with either of these?

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