My boy wants to be a girl

Debbie - posted on 09/26/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




Help my five year boy told me today that he doesn't want to have a willy because he should have been a baby girl. Not sure what to do. Any advice will be helpfull.


Nelida - posted on 09/27/2013




Hi will my advice is to have a talk with him and ask him what made him want to decide this ... Trust me I know many people that have this simeler situation and please be soportive of him it could be just a faze

Ariana - posted on 09/27/2013




At this age children explore so it could just be a phase or him talking about what he's thinking about at the moment, or he may actually feel that way.

Can he verbalize why he thinks this? Is it actually that he doesn't want a penis or that he wants to act like a girl? Since he's actually talking about his private parts that would indicate to me that he's more serious about it then if he just wanted to play with girl things etc.

I would explain that there is nothing wrong with having a penis, and also that boys can do whatever girls can do. He can be a boy and like dresses, or 'girlish' activities. I say this in an explanatory way not a 'no you shouldn't be a girl' way.

Also is this an ongoing thing or just today? I would simply see if you can find out any of his reasons and try to act natural. If you make it into a big deal he may either reject it and be upset later on because he really does feel he should be a girl or he may like the attention and do it for those reasons.

So just come to this naturally, if he says he wants girl clothes/toys to play with let him. I would tell him when he grows up he can be whatever he wants, and he can act/dress/play however he wants, boy or girl.

Then see what happens naturally, will he continue to go this way? Or is it a phase? Just treat it as a natural thing, either he's going through a phase or he really does want to be a girl, but at 5 if he's only just mentioned this I wouldn't get yourself to worked up about it as of yet.


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Michelle - posted on 09/27/2013




There have been a few cases where children know at such a young age they should have been born the opposite sex. Get a referral to a phycologist that has experience with trans gender.
Be there to support him through this and you may need to accept that he will want to live as a girl very soon.

Trudy - posted on 09/27/2013




Debbie I want to encourage you to pray about this. I do believe that if we seek the truth and not a fact we would know what to do in every circumstance. The fact is something has convinced this child at this young age that he should have been a girl.
The truth evidently, scientifically, and medically is that he was born a boy. I agree that you should find out his why. Secondly, I do believe that in your heart as a mother you know that the boy child that was placed in your arms came perfect and with all that he should be. The choice then to be a boy or a girl is but that - a choice. Pray for and believe that you will be given the right answers to this concern.

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