My boyfriend does not have custody of my daughter and i cant see her

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My boyfriend came and pick up my daughter while I my mom was watching her. He took her back to his fathers residence, and when I found out that this had happen. I left work to go get her back. I had the law called on me, thinking that they would be in my favor, and let her come with me, but they told me that, being that neither one of us has filled for custody, that there was no harm done to her and that I needed to leave the property, but I could not take my daughter with me. Is this right? I've tried calling him and he will not return my calls, nor text messages. should I file for a kidnapping if I don't hear back from him? where she is living now, is not fit for a 2 year old. her father is a mechanic and my daughter sits in her stroller, while he welds and grinds on cars, fumes and sparks go near her and it is not safe for her health. I've been turned down every which way of getting her back,, and my only option that folks are telling me is to go to legal aide.


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Yep. The only legal way to get your child back is to get a lawyer and go through the courts for custody, visitation, and child support. What he is doing is not MORAL, but it IS perfectly legal since there are no court orders.

Situations like yours are exactly why I ALWAYS suggest people go to court as soon as possible. They think if they have the child they call all the shots, but they don't realize that all the other parent has to do is gain access to the child and then THEY call all the shots.


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Well, since there are apparently no custody orders, neither of you actually has the right to the child at this point.
Time to get an attorney.
If you'd taken the time to file custody and support orders, you'd have had legal backup, but since none exist, either of you can have the child.
As I said, time to get an attorney. Oh, and by the way, your ex being a mechanic isn't detrimental to your daughter's health. Both of my sons were practically raised in shops...and they're perfectly fine.

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