my boyfriend got someone pregnant

Barbie - posted on 11/28/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Im in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend came home stayed for 2 months and luckily i got pregnant. When he went back to sydney i found out 2 weeks after he got someone pregnant. I'm 3 months pregnant now and i believe the girl is 6 months pregnant. I feel so depressed. Im trying my best to stay strong for my baby's sake but the thoughr is really killing me. My boyfriend said he willmarry me and not her because he said the girl knows that he already have a fiance and the girl agreed to that kind of relationship. I so feel the girl is a slut for continuing the relationship with my boyfriend evwn if she knew i exist. How can i trust my boyfriend that he is not seeing this girl? How cancan i let go and just focus on my baby if every night that thought of betrayal is killing me. Im going thru so mucj pain right now but im trying so hard tobe fine for my baby


Michelle - posted on 11/29/2013




I wouldn't be calling her a slut, your boyfriend is! Why would you want to stay with someone who can't be faithful, especially in a long distance relationship? If he wanted to sleep around then he should have called it off with you first.
You need to move on, there's no way you can trust him again. Take it from someone who was cheated on and tried to make it work. I was married though and the best thing I did was divorce him.


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Helen - posted on 11/28/2013




You poor thing! What a terrible thing to find out when you were excited about the pregnancy. You will never be able to trust him fully again. It is your decision whether to continue the relationship but, please, make sure that you can stand on your own two feet in case he lets you down again.
Many woman think that they cannot manage without a man, any man, and that leads to a lot of unhappiness and domestic abuse. You can manage without an unreliable man! You just need to be strong and look at your life and your options without fear.
Firstly, do you have family to support you? Allow your family to help you as much as they can. Do you have a job? You should work to maintain some financial independence. I do not know where you live so you will need to check what benefits you are entitled to - maternity leave, baby bonus, child care rebates, parental allowances and so on.
I hope all goes well for you. A baby is a wonderful creature, full of potential and great fun along the way.

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