My boyfriend is demanding and it is causing problems

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I dont know if I can post this I am new here but here it goes I have been livining with my boyfriend 6months he is a demanding type and a very I mean clean person sends me crazy I have asked him to move out and I am still liking to know when.

I cannot take his ways and we have out moments we argue he started Saturday here I am worried about Brittany that sty on her eye and plus she could not start her day support program still worrred should I send her or not he has issues to me with food he does not like the fridge full of bowels says all his family like that and he wonts you to eat what is in there.

My daughter will eat all day you let her but I dont he's disabled and of course I dont work he does make me edgy which I dont like its like if you wont to thaw hamburger out wont tacos got leftover say ham in that fridge no I think God dont get me wrong the freezer is full and the cabinets but its overkill.

We should not be going to the store I get food stamps eat what is in there first and yes have had to throw things away I know before he moves out that an argument is going to come its to much stress at times along with my daughter her demands and his sometimes I am starting to think he is not moving out oh Lord help me he has before Saturday said some harsh things to me and he thinks I baby my daughter to much she is 18.

I about lost it Saturday and forgot I lived in this apartment he is separated and has 6 kids so how do I avoid another man like him and how do I stay sane until he moves out


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How to avoid another man like him:
(done this one girl!)
Long after I had gotten out..I rented an apartment with my best friend. One night, long after all the kids were asleep, I drug out a scrap of paper and made a list.
Everything I hated about "him". Everything I would change about "him" and...the personality traits that made him the asshole I hate today.
then, on the other side of the paper, I made another list...of the OPPOSITE qualities of the "him" I wanted to see in a GOOD man.
I never dated a "jock" again. I never dated a big good lookin' stud again. I switched up everything I had ever gone after..and quit worrying about looks. I avoided large strong jock types..and found myself a nice little man..5-7 and 140lbs. He was the polar opposite of my "him". He had a little money...and he was responsible with it. He never ever considered HITTING would have been a fair fight at 5-7 and 140lbs. He also NEVER touched a drink..that was another of my "new man" requirements.
Basically, I made a list of everything I wanted different...and then I went out there 'dating' different types of men that I wouldn't have dated before...until I found one that made me shine. :D

How do you stay sane until he moves out?
Subtle Spite.
Flush the toilet when he's in the the dishwasher when he's on the phone...Leave the stoopid bowls in the fridge. Ask your neighbor if she has any leftovers that need to be stored in your fridge. Cook his dinner with the leftovers...and yall eat something new.
I would baby that girl in front of him until it made him puke.
Every single thing he gripes it more. That'll run him off...or break him.

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ditch his ass.Give him 'x' amount of time in writing. If he isn't gone by that day, have the police escort his ass outta there.

That's all I got


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Ok, a sty in the eye, my child’s doctor told me, is a sign of stress.
This person is controlling and demanding, and I read into this story, a whole lot more.
He won’t change, except to get worse, more extreme. This is the type of person who will insult, degrade, and throw things, then start hitting and punching you.
Is the place yours? Is his name on the rental agreement?
Contact a domestic violence shelter, a women’s shelter. They can help you through the legal aspects of getting this guy out. He is not going to ‘just leave’ so don’t wait on that.
Will your landlord be of help? If this is a person you can talk with, do so. Do you have family and friends who can help?
Don’t escalate this guy, don’t make this worse. Just get him gone.

Of course demanding he leave him might escalate the situation, but you need him gone.
As for how to avoid another man like this: Well, for two years you don’t date. You work on you.
Spend time, maybe get counseling, and look at why this personality was a draw for you?

He doesn’t work, has six kids, and is separated … were you going to help him, save him, fix him?

Have you ever had a relationship with was healthy? What is it you want out of a relationship? What are you looking for in a person and what do you bring to the table?

You have a lot of questions to ask and answer, but you have two years.

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