My BOYfriend kept a secret from me and am not happy about it?

Nicola - posted on 12/04/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My boyfriend's mother was pregnant last yr and she gave birth to a boy and now she is pregnant again,so i always wondered why her tummy never went flat cause its been a year since she gave birth, i though maybe exercise would help since she had a c-section. One dat my friend's mother and my frend visited her and she told em she is preg and this was when her tummy was bigger, i havent seen her for a while, so my frend told me she is pregnant i wasnt surprised really and i was like you know what am not gna ask my boyfriend i wil wait for him to tel me in his own time like he did the first one, so i waited and one of my other frends saw her last week and she asked me if she was preg, how wld i know , so i finally asked my bf and he said yh and i asked why he ddnt tell me smething like that he said he thought he did, how can he say he thought he did when he doesnt know how i reacted to it and its something life changing and smething every1 celebrates so why ddnt he tell me am not happy i feel left in the dark this guy is someone who wants to marry me and how can he forget to tell me somethin that big, by the way am 23 and hes 24 we have been together for 4 years didnt i deserve to know not that its my bussiness but we are in a relationship and we are serious. What should i do? help, do you think someone can forget or thought they had told sme thing that big? cause obviously i wld be asking from time to time how she is doing and the baby's sex and stuff like that


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Michelle - posted on 12/04/2012




I would say get over it, if you were pregnant he wouldn't forget cause then it is his kid, as far as mom is concerned he is 24 more then likely he is not impressed with his mom having another child and doesn't feel it is even worth a mention.

Holly - posted on 12/04/2012




i wouldn't be too upset, it seems his mother is always pregnant and men just don't get that excited about things, perhaps he is embarrassed that his mother can't seem to keep her legs closed. or just get fixed... men are weird that way.

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