my boyfriend left me when i told him im pregnant

Jaydene - posted on 09/16/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




hi im 3mos pregnant. and my bf left me aftr i told him.heres how it goes.

i had ab opportunity to go abroad so i Ieft him for 9mos. and in that period i learned that he has another girlfriend. so i acted before it gets worst. he promised that he wont contact that girl anymore. so i decided to get back in my home country this March. when i arrived hes there hugged me kissed me and he always visited me at my place. until such time that we didnt expect a baby will be born. i didnt notice at first that im delayed. until its 2mos. so i told hom that im delayed. after he sebt me to work, he kissed me gudbyes. aftr that day, i didnt saq him nor cant contact him. o decided to go to his hpuse and talked to him he told me that he os confused abt his feelings for me abd the girl he met when im gone. he wanted to have 2mos spacw without any contact s . o told him that if he wants that then he can np longer see me nor the baby. so he decided not tp that. he came to my place and styed there for good until he finds a job .so were sweet together we make every moments amazing but i always brag at him because hes not doing aby steps to find a job.aftr that day he left again. and txted me that he wabts to be happy.that i should let him go. i really cried that day. so my bro and i decided to go to their place to talk to him and his mom. aftr all the dramas we ended up being together again
he promised to be a good father and husband .but the days passed by he still doesnt have a job . he always plays and watched anime all day long. i also fpund out that he and the gurl is still in contact with each other. i got mad at him. so he stopped txting and communicating with the girl. aftr that day, we were good. he even accompany me ib tha clinic for ultraspund. hes really excited. he always kisses me and my tummy. he always talks to my baby. even f he dont have a job . i still believes he will find one. until aftr2weeks he talked to me, he told me that he no longer loves me he just cant tell me bcause he dont wNt to hurt me. he also said that he felt it the day i went to abroad. wat!!! so it means that until the day i arrived here all thevthings he did and say are all lies!!! hiw about tha baby thing . hes tha one who always told me that he wNts to have a baby. i really cant understand. he cheated and lied to me. he alsontold me that he loves the other gurl so much. so nxt day, he left me and mynbaby without anything he said about hes plans for the child. soni got really sad. it really hurts. i cant eat. so i texted and contact him to asl about his plans fo the baby. guess what he keeps on replying to me. thatbo should leave him and the girl alone. and what he wanta is that after MANY years thats when wedecide if we still can be frends . that he only did those things to me aftr i arrived to make me feel better.i know hes not worth enpugh to be part of me and my babys life. and i know that i should work hard by myself and for my baby. im going through my 4th month but still i cant get him off my life. i still rememver him going back. :( it really sucks when i remember what he told me.

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