My boyfriend of 2 years and still haven't met his kids

Lateisha - posted on 04/29/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Me and my boyfriend been together two years and I still have not met his kids at first I was like ok he will allow me to meet them when he's ready but Dam 2 years and he ain't ready yet I ask him about it but it always end up as a Argument me and his kids mother don't get alone because she still wants him that's a fact he say he don't want her but they just had a 10 month baby together and it is his baby thank u DNA but he has to go to her house to see them and she calls all dam day and all times of night screaming in the phone how he don't do for his kids but I know better she don't work at all and everything them kids own he buys because I am there with him in the stores this a every other week thing he shops for his kids while I am shoping for my 3 and he has 6 with her I really don't even know this chick only the things I have seen and heard about her from his family and its not like I took him from her they was just sliding together when I met him but this is really starting to get under my skin very deep I said something about take her to court for Invitations but he SAY oh man I don't want to deal with all that so he asked me to marry him last year I guess when I took him back but what kind of woman would I be to marry a man that kids can't share that special day with us and my kids will it make me feel some type of way really like he ok with this Situation and I am not dam I feel am I worth the fight in him to do what he have to as a good parent and a man to make me and his kids happy or her feelings mean more I just don't know I love him and wants to be with him but at times I feel like as long as she has control with them kids our relationship ain't going no where I need some advice because I am getting fed up and thinking about walking away!!! HELP


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He has a 10 month old child with her. You have your answer. He's not ready to fully leave her, and he wants to have as much tail as he can.

Back away slowly.

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