my boyfriends can feel my iud strings. can anyone help?

Bri - posted on 11/25/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




ive had my iud in since july 2012. i had my period for the better part of three months but when i didnt have it my boyfriend and i had sex. when we did my iud would poke him so i went and had the strings cut. i had my period again about three weeks ago and had it REALLY heavy for two weeks and it finally went away about a week ago on the day i had an appointment with a midwife (my doc wasnt available). she said i might of had bv but we tested and i didnt. last night my bf and i were having sex and afterwards he said it was still bothering him. i could never feel my iud strings but is it possible that the iud moves when i get excited? why else could he feel it even after i got the strings cut?

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DeAnn - posted on 11/25/2012




Your periods will be weird for the first few months, then will get lighter if you have the one with hormones (Mirena). They won't change if you have copper. When you get excited, your uterus does descend so that the cervix can be in a better "receiving" position for sperm. This also makes sex more comfortable (and why rape is so physically damaging - when you're not turned on sex is usually painful).

Go back and have the strings cut again if needed. I had to have mine cut twice. There was no problem with removal. Eventually the IUD will move into its long-term position but it takes a few months to get settled.

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