my boyfriends ex-girlfriend, whom he has one dtr, and her other daughter which is not his, he fathers

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My current boyfriend and I have 2 small children (4 and 1 yr old). He has a 15 yr old daughter with his ex. The ex also has a dtr by another man whom my boyfriend has been fathering for 8 years now. The ex decided to "try" and file a Protection Order to prevent the girls from coming to our house. Because I work in Health Care and require a yearly FBI report, I hired an attorney and fought the allegation and the Order was dismissed. Since that time, I have forbid the 9 yr old child from coming to the house. He has a court order visitation for the 15 yr old.
The ex has made no attempts in making amends for the harm she potentially caused my education and my career not to mention the cost of the attorney.
I am conflicted in allowing continued relations with the 9 yr old, to me, it would continue the relationship of my boyfriend and his ex. And this I want to STOP.
Any suggestions on how to let go of this drama.......


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Gena - posted on 02/17/2014




I agree with Jodi.And somehow it doesnt make sense to me..your boyfriend has a daughter with his ex,so not letting the 9year old come doesnt mean the contact will stop.

Jodi - posted on 02/17/2014




For what reason do you "prevent" the 9 year old coming to your house? Don't you think that is punishing the child for the sins of the mother?

You can NEVER end the relationship between the ex and your partner. They have a child together. There will always be a relationship there. People have baggage. You need to learn to deal with it.

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