my boyfriends son

Catriona - posted on 11/05/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My boyfriend and i have been with each other for over three years now we live with each other and have a 47 months girl and we both have kids from previous relashinships. his son is 15 and he failed school last year and now he has all f's again this year. hes dosent do any kind of school work and lies all the time about doing the work.. he dose not help out around the house.. i have takin away his cell phone and ps3 but still no change in him he told me that just cause i took that stuff away is not going to help anything...i have tried every way i could amagin for the past 3 years to help this boy but hes just getting worse ive done it his way my way his dads way but nothing. i try to talk to him and help him but i get nothing. his dad is just like oh well if this is how he want to be let him be this way and let him see where it gets him and after all this time with having no progress i kinda agree what him but i also feel like there is more to the situation like the possabilty of him being bi-sexul we have found some explict pics and messages in his phone on a couple diffrent occations.. i fell that sents no one is able to really talk to him or get through to him that it would not hurt or be a bad idea that he go to talk to a councler but his dad dose not want to do that that he can handle it and its going to change but hes been saying to same thing for 3 years and nothing has changed with his son i just dont know what i should do i know it cant continue to stay like this because his son is starteing to rub off on my daughters... dose anyone have any advise?

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