my boyfriends son is 12 he eats more then my boyfriend and me put togeather he always is eating i went to the store 2 weeks ago and i got nothing left its getting old i cant babby sit him 24 seven he goes out and takes a bite of something and puts it away for later ,,if you tell him he can have something he eats it all, my daughter went and bought 2 pizzas and he eat a large pizza hes self wow its so bad when he comes to visit no one wants him around i tell him not to do that ,,so help me on a comment do you think it is just be selfish so no one will get no more,,he sneaks but when his dad comes home from work he doesnt do this ,,i no what do you think,,


Amy - posted on 08/23/2012




I have two kids who don't eat a lot and I still have to go to the grocery store every week to restock the fridge. Is he overweight? Honestly he sounds like a growing 12 year old boy and unless he's overweight sounds normal to me. If you don't like shopping for him maybe your boyfriend should go grocery shopping for when his son comes to visit.


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