My brother needs desperate help please please help me .........

Janet - posted on 07/02/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Okay well my brother turned 40 years old June 18. He has been in and out of prison since he was18. He's addicted to meth really really bad everybody has given up on him but I'm still sticking around I love my brother so much that it hurts me to see him the way he looks right now. He lives with my mom but my mom is getting old to be putting up with him my three sisters and two brothers don't want nothing to do with him and his two daughters don't either. He hasn't been perfect brother son or father but that doesn't matter all I'm asking for is for someone please help me change his life around i'm to the point where I will go above and beyond just sober him up. If someone out there reads this please let me know what I can do we have took him to a rehab house and mental institution we taking him to different places but they all say that he's okay and he's not.


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Gena - posted on 07/03/2014




I wish i could give advice, but i agree with what Evelyn wrote. He is the one who has to want to change.

Ev - posted on 07/02/2014




You are doing all that you can do. But HE has to want to change himself. He has to want to be better. You can not do that for him. Until he hits the bottom of the well so to speak, nothing is going to change. I wish I could advise you better than this but its plain from what you did post that if he has been back and forth to prison since 18 and had not changed as yet, the chances are he might not. Have you tried to talk to him and ask him what he wants to do with his life?

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