My bundle of joy called Nhyira will be 2years in May and will like to know the types of food to give here. Also how to help her to use the pupu pot.


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Naa Adei - posted on 04/13/2012




Thanks alot Chrystal. We will do well to try your method. I guess my daughter is then showing the signs you mentioned. we appreciate you.



Chrystal - posted on 04/13/2012




By 2 years old she can eat just about anything you can eat. Just watch that it's not to spicy or to chewy but other than that they can eat anything.

The pupu pot is potty training correct? If that is the case; signs she is ready is telling you she has to go or did go, able to stay dry during naps, and can pull her pants down. The method we used for our son was to put his potty chair where he could get to it on his own then we removed his diaper, gave him a sippy cup of waters and took him to the potty chair every 30 minutes he only needed to sit on the potty for 30 seconds if he stayed longer that was his choice. He learned to use the potty without having to be told to go in 2 days and stopped having accidents after 4 days. My son is still on that first stage of potty training so is still in diapers at nap and night time.

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