my chid is 5 yrs old and she never get 2 she her father hw he look like after 5 yrs he now cum 2 see hw his child going and she has a step father now he been dey 5 yrs of her life and dats not his child eh now he plays hes all up in my child life and he was never dey i put him up in court and he don't want 2 mind the child


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Chaya - posted on 09/25/2012




Let the court sort it out, bring character witnesses if you can, step dad would be a good start, but others in your community that know you well too. If dad's been absent all this time, he won't likely get full custody unless you have felonies on your record.

Charleskhadisha - posted on 09/25/2012




he want 2 take my child from me and the step father won't allow it hhe threaten us everyweek saying he will take my chid from and and dat watless stepfather dats wat he says eh

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