"My Child 4 1/2 still dont talk?"

Kimberly - posted on 04/30/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 4 1/2 year old child still don't talk! She talks like a 7 month old baby "ba ba ma am." I put her in a daycare, 3hr a day, to see if that would help her, but even the teacher is having a very hard time with her. They tell me the same thing, "Your child is so smart she understand everything but the only thing is she does'nt talks and we cant understand what she wants or we dont know sign language." I also got her Dr., the School Dis., and Children's Hospital but every visit every test they just keep telling me what I all ready know, "She can hear to understand but she can't hear to speak." Does anyone have anything that can help me I'm going crazy. I started learning sign language with my child and it's been working out like wonders because we, well I, can understand her. I cant find any "CHEAP" sign language school around and were very, very tight on money. Everything I been getting done for her seems like it taking to long for an answer. I been getting help with the goverment but it takes a long time just to get an apointment to do one little test. Is there anyone that's having some-what the same problem that my child has and any information that could help us I would really like it. Its very hard to see her hurt and not be able to help her.... Please!!! Anything is something ... Thanks


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Christine - posted on 04/30/2012




She definitely needs speech therapy, as well as more testing. If her speech delay is caused by something like autism, she may need additional therapies. Good luck getting her the help she needs.

Michelle - posted on 04/30/2012




Has your doctor refferred you to a speech therapist?

Honestly, if they have tested her hearing and that's ok then I think she should get speech therapy. I don't know what other tests they could be wanting to do.

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