My child has always been a picky eater and don't any thing at school. I pay for his lunch at school plus fix a lunch at home to send to school with him everyday. But for the last couple of weeks he's completely stopped eating at school. What can I do?


Ledia - posted on 04/09/2015




Why do you pay for the school lunch AND pack a lunch from home?

My son is a pretty picky eater, so I usually pack his lunch and send it from home. If I send a lunch, I do not pay for a school lunch.

Recently, he discovered he does like the school pizza (veggie on wheat crust), the grilled cheese sandwich, and the bean nachos, so I keep money in his lunch account so that he can buy those when they are served, and I don't send lunches on those days.

If he doesn't eat the lunch I pack, or buy the school lunch, he just goes hungry. I refuse to pack junk food just so that he will eat. I would rather him eat nothing than junk. So if your son refuses to eat what you send, just let him be hungry.

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