my child has severe behaviour issues need advice please

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my son has adhd he has had numerous medications since age 6 and now nothing seems to work his school he attends apparently is for children with needs they send him home and exclude him when they are meant to be helping and supporting him what am i to do this is his 3rd school


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In addition to the medication, what kind of behavioral and cognitive therapies are being used for treatment?
Which specific symptoms is the struggling the most with?

Do you know what is causing the ADHD symptoms? ADHD is really just a name for a specific set of symptoms because the CAUSE for ADHD symptoms has not yet been pinpointed. Mounting evidence suggests that there are actually a variety of different conditions--some we know of and others as yet undiscovered--that result in ADHD symptoms. If you know the cause of his ADHD you can better personalize his treatment.

Also keep in mind that medication does NOT get rid of ADHD symptoms, it only helps the patient control the symptoms and better cope with them, but it is worthless if the patient does not yet have the tools needed to cope and control the symptoms. The medicine will help him see what he needs to do, and definitely where his behavior is falling short, but without the proper therapies along with the medication, he won't know HOW to improve his behavior or do the things he needs to do, so he will get frustrated and this often leads to violent outbursts and tantrums. If not addressed, it can lead to very serious depression and ODD.

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