my child is 17 years old was born with seizures and anixtey and sleeping problems and was born with 1 kidney that works and she has asked me a question here it is : mom will i ever be able to have kids?: and i said idk bec i rlly dont know. can anyone help plz.


Anna - posted on 08/11/2012




none of those factors mean she cant or shouldnt have children (though as cherish said, i should hope she is not wanting to have them now). im taking it she has petimal epilepsy or some sort of petimal seizures? i have grandmal epilepsy and when we decided to try and get pregnant i did all my homework. what studies had been done on pregnant women taking the meds that i take, the effect on the women, the effect on developmental growth of the child, i went to a genealogist to see what the chances were of the epilepsy being hereditary etc. all meds are different, but the ones i take increased the risk of spina bifida to 7%, so i started taking folic acid. i went for checkups with my specialist every two months at first and then every month. once i got past 30weeks we had to increase my meds to keep them level in my system. i had to deliver in hospital as a precaution and due to meds i was advised against breast feeding. i now have a happy healthy nearly three year old. so if you and/or your daughter are worried about her capability to have children? i dont see anything standing in her way. just make sure when your daughter decides she does want to try for a baby that she first goes to see a specialist who has all the information and can answer all her questions.


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Lacye - posted on 08/12/2012




My sister had seizures when she was a child and she would have an episode every once in a while when she was pregnant. As long as she is taking her measure and notifies her doctors, I don't think it will be a problem.

Cherish - posted on 08/10/2012




Is she on seizure meds?
I do not see why she could not have children as long as she is closely followed by her OB/GYN.Having one kidney should not affect her negatively as long as it is functioning well.Pregnancy does mess w/hormones and with some types of epilepsy can make her prone to more seizures.
Have you asked her Dr if her medical conditions will affect her if she does get pregnant?
Since she is 17,hopefully she is not planning a baby in the near future....she should find a high risk OB/GYN and talk to them BEFORE trying to conceive.

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