My child is in kindergarten she was 5 on Oct.16th she is not ready maturity wise and she crys everyday when I drop her off. I have been told that I can not take her out and restart her in Kinder next fall. the cut off day is Aug 31 for Kinder have you got any ideas on what I can do. Her teacher is frustrated and my child is sensing it and is having nightmares about school.


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Amy - posted on 12/19/2012




Reach out to your pediatrician. More than likely you'll be referred to a child psychologist. I actually had to do this with my first grader, I haven't actually taken him to the psychologist yet because he seems to be doing much better after 3 months of crying every day before school, and everyday before bed. My son has anxiety issues.

Danielle - posted on 12/19/2012




I feel that if she is already in the class, then the best thing she needs is consistency..
To pull her out of the class now will just send her wrong signals. This is a fear that she will have to face sooner than later.
The best way for her to get use to the routines of school, and the people, is for her to gain that exposure.

If the teacher is getting upset, then I would discuss it with the principal.
The teachers should be prepared to have children with attachment issues in class. You could also inquire about an aid, that is usually funded by the school for children who need a little extra attention.

Holly - posted on 12/19/2012




counseling... My youngest cried everyday before school when she was in kindergarten... but what i wish i had done back then was get with some of the parents of the kids in her class and make play dates with them on the weekends... perhaps if she had more friends in the class that she was used to playing with with/with out mommy, she would be ok when you left her there...

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