my child is showing anger on every small things

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If I say do this task . He knows if he did then he will get benefits in school performance. Then also he showing me alot of tantrums.


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Dove - posted on 07/20/2016




How old is he? Is this recent behavior or has he always had anger issues?

I can only speak from my own experience... my son has had a wicked temper basically from birth. The tantrums he threw got worse and longer as he got older. Due to that and some other issues I took him to be evaluated at 5.5 and he was diagnosed w/ anxiety and depression. I knew about the anxiety, but the depression kind of threw me cuz other than when he was throwing fits he seemed like a very content child. I was informed that massive fits like he was throwing was a sign of depression in young children.

Thankfully w/ time, maturity, and some counseling when he was 6 (he's 8 now) he's doing well.

DC - posted on 07/20/2016




Hi. I’m not sure I understand completely, but the problem seems to be recurring bouts of temper, right? Sounds like your child is school age. I know of a great article and even though it is geared towards parents of toddlers, it might still offer some help for you: . You mentioned school – is your child not performing to his capability? Have you considered having him checked for a learning disability? It’s better to catch these things early if that is the case. Best of luck!

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