My child only chooses to hang out w/ people not from her school

Rebecca - posted on 01/10/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter is 13 and she just turned. I notice that she only hangs out w/ people who are not from her school. Reluctantly, I allowed her social media since she 'made' me promise to let her have a Facebook and it's fine because I monitor her and we had long talks about the serious dangers of online, and how predators pretend to be a young teenager/preteen/child and offer to meet in person. I don't have her password but I DO monitor her strictly and I trust her. She never lied to me before, always true and honest. She tells me whenever she gets a request or she wants to add someone and our rule is: She tells me how she knows that person, doesn't matter if male or female... I notice she doesn't like kids from her school... she only hangs out w/ teens and younger kids from other schools. I asked her why, and she said frankly that they're "annoying" and "just not right for her". She walks around alone at the school all the time, but she'll be in high school next year in 8th grade so only 4-5 more months left. How do I help her make friends? She goes to counseling, therapists because of her past suicidal thoughts. Things are getting better, no more crying, outbursts, etc but she's lonely. She'd get along w/ anyone outside of school, even my friend's 12th grade 18yo daughter!

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