My child's father, claiming to take me to court. advice please.? he's trying to gain custody of my child

Kim - posted on 04/01/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm currently 4 moths pregnant, with my first child. when I first found out I was pregnant, I told the father immediately, and I told him that he needs to look for a job. here it is four months later, he still has yet to look for a job, and it seems like he is not the least bit interested in atleast trying to find one. when he had my number the only time he would call or text me is whenever he needed something from me, such as to borrow money, which he NEVER gives back to you, or for me to give him gas money, or give him a ride somewhere, While I work a fulltime job saving up my money for the baby, he sits on his mom couch at home all day, looking for me to take care of him and give him whatever he needs. I let him borrow 50 dollars once. he told me as soon as his mom got paid the next day he would call me back first thing in the morning and tell me to come get the money back I lent him.....I even told him I needed that money to help pay for the doctor bill for our child. so it was very important that he paid it back, he said okay. fours months later STILL have not seen the money I lent him. He basically just stole money from his child which was needed to help pay doctor bill. and he doesn't even care. all he cares about is someone taking care of him, I warned him one day on twitter in my messages if he did not straighten up I would have to put him on child support. he got upset and threatened to come to my job, wait in the parking lot, and beat me and try to get me fired I wish I wouldve kept those messages but I deleted them, he also said he wanted me to get an abortion as well.if only I wouldve kept those messages, but I deleted them, so it would only be my word against his. he also has a jail record for violence, where he has been in and out of jail constantly and he is still trying to pay off a debt with them. I told him I don't want him around my child because of his ways now he is threatning to send me to court. what will happen? what should I do? he also smokes and drinks and I dont want my child around him. I also live in the state of south carolina if that helps any.


Ev - posted on 04/01/2014




First, have the child. Second, get paternity established and then go for custody, visitation, and child support. Depending on the laws there will deteremine things for sure because all states are different. Third, if worried about his jail record an d violience and such, get the records of his arrests, court, and jail time to prove he has a problem with that. There is not much you can do about the smoking if he eventually gets visitation that allows overnight visits or several hours with him alone. Get used to this idea because if he gets that kind of visitation, you can not hold the child from him when court orders are in place. Drinking depends on a few things. Does he have records on drinking and driving etc? IF there are those that can be added to the other and make his visitations possible supervised by a third party.

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