my child safety in my house wen wer asleep

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hi my son is 2 n half nerly and at night wen wer all asleep my son gets up and gets over his gate at his bedroom door then dawn the stairs over another gate then cos are house is open planed we dont have seperate room he gets in my fride even tho we have a fridge lock then he comes all the way back up stairs and just plays on the landing he is a very clever lad but im worried hes gonna hurt him self wile wer asleep we have pulled the gates up abit so he cant get up or over but oveusly he can still get over hes very good at unlocking stuff wat im asking is does any one have any ideas of how i can get him to stay in his room at night we have tryed a sticker chart speshully for that but he didnt want that it would be nice to go sleep and not be constantly worring bout him if hes gonna fall or hurt him self wev got locks on the draws n cubards in the kitchen but he nows how to open then any ideas would be gratefull thank you xxx

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Becca - posted on 08/01/2010




thank you for ur advice the locks we have the shure start team came and put locks on everything for us and his room is b4 mine so he has to pass my room i always keep my door open 1 night i stayed up and watched wat he did he put his blanket on the other side of his gate so i wouldnt hear him bang on the floor then he gently crept past my door we only have 2rooms so we couldnt make a safe room and we have to limit wat we put in his bed room as he uses things to climb on to get over the gate easier at the moment he has just a bed as its a small room and a few toys he plays with sometimes i do hear him and we do put him back to bed and then he lets u think hes asleep and then gets out again lol but i am on medication and it does make me a heavy sleeper so i dnt hear him most of the time and my husband he just doesnt hear anything once hes asleep hes gone to the world. we do make shure all the sharp things are locked up but because its open planned everything from the stairs is open to him like he can climb on counters and im just scared he will fall i keep telling my health visiter bout this and and shes the one who got me all the safety locks and everything checked but somehow he finds away of solveing them maybe hes watching us how wer doing it i dnt no. this is a exsample we did put a tv and video in his room b4 he goes bed he watched a video for 30mins with me as a treat the next day he new how to put the video in and take it out and rewind it and everything i was so shocked and he said (look mummy look wat i did)i now u have to watch kids closely but with him its every second and i just dnt want my parent hood to be all of worry i wanna be able to have fun less stressted xxx

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is your child a sleep walker if he is dont wake him just turn him round and he will go back to bed

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Wild - yes and smart lad indeed.

I'd make sure the doors and windows had locks he can not work through.

You want to use some care with extensive locks and such. Sometimes a person needs to get out of the house fast; you don't want a system so complex it is a danger.

Does it work to put him back to bed when you hear him? Do you not hear him? Get a baby moninter for his room so you know if he is up.

You can't really reason with a two or almost 3 year old, but you can try ..... if he is going to get up, you don't hear him to put him back to bed, maybe you can set up a safe room for him to play in and teach him that this room is the only place he can go.

Make sure all knives, sharp things, checmicals, matches ..... are all locked up tight - get locks he can't undo.

Part of parenting is the game of out smarting; you play it again and again. Some times you lose :) But keep trying

~Jennifer - posted on 08/01/2010




Maybe you could buy a screen door to put on his room (just for now) until he learns to stay in his room. You'd be able to put a hook & eye lock if you got one of the wooden ones with the t-bar, and he wouldn't be able to climb over that...

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