My child who is now 3 months, his head has become flat from the back and from both sides, there are no cranial remolding centers in india. What should i do ............can some one help me with this issue


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Krista - posted on 07/15/2012




If he's only 3 months old, his bones still have a chance to re-mold. I used one of these pillows with my son when he was starting to get a flat head, and it helped enormously. I used it in his swing, his car seat and even his bed (he wasn't rolling over yet, so there was no danger.)

I don't know if you can find one, where you are. But if you know someone who is handy at sewing, maybe you could have one made?

~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/15/2012




Get your baby off his back as much as possible when not sleeping. Hold him up right, or in a boppy to sit up. The longer he is on his back, or in a car seat, bouncer or whatever, the flatter his head will be.

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