My children (and I) have eczema. Is there something excellent but affordable I could use to treat?


Irene - posted on 01/25/2012




i find hot water makes me worse i use sanex product for washing and i have found E45 itch cream to be the best one so far and trust me i have pages and pages of creams worth on my records at the docs the key is i find to use to different creams i use one called epiderm and e45 i rotate them throught the day wither i have a flair up or not as if i get used to one crwam it stops working for me ... i am pretty much allergic to most handwashes etc as my hands suffer badly with dermititus so i litterally have to wash them with cold water and aloe vera products i find are best other than that i bath with sanex bubble bath and body wash i use herbal shampoo bought cheap from avon then instantly wash of with the sanex its a fairly easy regime to get used to i use a total of 4 products here to keep control of it x


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Johanna - posted on 02/01/2012




My husband and daughter both do as well and they use Cetaphil lotion every day. It really helps them and if they do get a flare up, we use a little hydrocortizon cream.

Mellanie - posted on 02/01/2012




I have found that using a very small amount of Dr. Bronners baby mild soap for the bath and slathering on coconut oil after the bath works like a charm. The Dr. Bronners is gentle enough that peole with allergies can use and it won't irritate the skin and the coconut oil moisturizes but it also has (antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, soothing, etc) properties. Both you can get at the local health food store, and if you're having problems with itching even after the coconut oil, try calendula (which you can also pick up at the health food store), it seems to be the most effective on our itchy spots.

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What worked great for my son was to get his skin wet and while it is wet rub a think layer of a product called Aquaphor all over him. It is made by Eucerin and it is also used for diaper rash. I was doing this everynight after his bath. During the day everytime I changed him I used a cream called Vanicream and in a week his flair up was gone and his skin is soft again.

His ped told me about these products and they are wonderful! My son's skin was almost to the point of bleeding and I couldn't believe how fast this stuff helped him.

Now I use the Vanicream twice a day just to keep his skin soft and avoid another flair up.

I hope this helps, good luck!!

Camilla - posted on 01/25/2012




try a range of products Mama Mio, the wonderful balm is a God sent to my psorasis, rich is omegs it heels and stops the itching

Kate CP - posted on 01/19/2012




I have psoriasis on my scalp and my daughter has mild eczema. We use something called psoriaflora

It's natural and really gentle. AND it works, too. I love this stuff. We also don't use anything (including laundry soap) with sulfates, surfactants, or parabens in it.

Aicha - posted on 01/19/2012




ok this is going to sound weird but it works for me and my children

I take about 1/4 cup oatmeal old fashion kind and cook it in about 3 cups of water for 10 minutes then I put in food processor or blender and blend allow to cool and apply to affected area

Chrystal - posted on 01/19/2012




My son and I both have eczema as well what we do to keep it in check is when it's flaring up I take a wash cloth with warm water and dab his skin and then put a skin repairing cream on. It needs to be labeled cream or butter it's thicker and more hydrating it should be fragrance free and non allergenic. We do that 3 times a day and it helps. Also be sure baths are lukewarm and short to hot or soaking can just make things worse showers are best. Try changing detergents or anything else that comes in contact with their skin I had to change baby shampoo 4 times before I found one that didn't make his skin worse. If you guys do activities that make you sweat wipe off your skin right after it'll cut down on the itching. Hope that helps some.

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