my children father is taking me to court for full custody of our 3 children.i have my own place and i recieve ssi and october 2011 the father and i verbally agreed to leave 2 of our children here in Georgia to finish school.while i was in Florida helping my sick grandmother the father went and had papers drawn up to get custody of the two minor children that he had until court July 18th 2012,in which i have been back in georgia since june 3rd and the children have been with me since then.I carried them and have had them since their birth except when i left in october but returned in febuary and left again in march because i had 3 minor children in florida.what can happen in court.i have no job but have been providing for my kids since birth.our oldest one is 5 now.i feel like if i was a unfit mother why didnt he try years ago to get our children.please help me


Jennifer - posted on 07/11/2012




I would contact the court house in your county and see what they recommend . Maybe you can have a court appointed attorney or there is a service they can provide. A motion with the court needs to be filed for you to get custody of your kids. I know that a lot of time courts will provide mediators for free to help parents work out custody/parenting time arrangements. Hope this helps. Stay strong and remember you have alot on your side. You have been the primary caretaker of your children and in court that is really important. Don't verbally agree to anything with your ex anymore. Now he has shown you that you need to be on the defensive for the sake of you and your children. Good luck

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