my childrens dad has not seen them for 7 months, he has little contact and rings or texts every 4 to 6 weeks if they are lucky. he is now demanding to see them this weekend unsupervised. My 11 year old daughter has messaged him to say she does not want to see him alone yet she wants to see him at his mums, because he lets them downb and shes nervous. He is outraged at this and says hes not a stranger. the problem is he never was a great dad beforehand, she is trying to protect herself and her five yeasr old brother from being let down. Hes now demanding a solicitor, problem he has is he is going against his kids wishes. I mean how wrong is that?? He does not provide a penny for them, or emotional support his lame excuses are he has no creditr to ring or his bb services are off!! His family have tried to arrange he see them at theres to try build a relationship but he wont agree hes a horrid man and caused me years of abuse.. but why cant he listen to our daughters wants and needs.. hes let her down constantly and she wants to see him jus sensibly she wants to do in a reasonable way and mostt importantly how ahe wants it. Its about them surely.. What rights does he have


Lacye - posted on 12/05/2012




In the court's eyes, visitation and child support are two different things. Although he has been doing a craptastic job of being a dad, he still has a right to see them unsupervised, even if your daughter doesn't want that. He has the right to see them.

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