my childs father will not give me my daughter unless i put him on her birth certificate

Trinicia - posted on 08/27/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My childs father is abusive and controlling I left him because of that very reason but because he wants me back and I don't want him he uses my child as a prized possession to get to me..he has now taken my daughter away from me because I won't put him her birth certificate so that he will have control over the both of us court ordered...I've been trying to contact him to at least see my child or even speak to her but he refuses to answer me all because I refuse to allow him to meet with me to put his name on her certificate..I asked him to bring her along with him so that I could take her home with me afterwards and he refuses to bring her but expected me to still go along with his plan...its not fair to me at all especially not being able to spend any time with her in over four months because he's a control freak I only refused to follow through because he refused to bring her along he says he doesn't trust me and I say that I don't trust him but if I decided to go ahead and put his name on her certificate I feel like he shouldn't have a problem bringing my child along..fair is fair and that he is not trying to be ..he says he's not trying to keep her away but from the looks of things it very much so seems just that way.. what should I do


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Dove - posted on 08/27/2013




If he's not on the birth certificate and he has no documentation that he is the father and/or no custody orders... it's kidnapping. Call the police and get your kid... Something you should have done 4 months ago.

If there already is a court order establishing paternity and/or giving him custody... get a lawyer and go to court.

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